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Our vision at Wildwood Guitars is to offer you the most unique user experience a guitar website can provide. Our goal since day one has been to develop videos that illustrate the individual tonal quality of every one of our exceptional instruments. We've taken over 4,000 guitars right out of the box and plugged them into a basic Tone King Imperial and Xotic BB Preamp pedal allowing you to get a sense of how each guitar sounds through a bare bones rig. About 90% are virtually identical as far as setup while some have slight differences in pedals/amps to accommodate an artist's preference. We run very minimal EQ and Compression for each guitar as well, but we strive to keep these videos honest to give you a real sense of that guitar.

We have filmed videos with the following artists and will be filming more soon:

Johnny A.
Pete Anderson
Adrian Belew
• Troy Benns
Mike Clark
Ren Ferguson
Reeves Gabrels
David Grissom
Don Grosh
Ken Haas
J. Hayes
Unknown Hinson
Mitch Holder
Wayne Johnson
Laurence Juber
Davy Knowles
Greg Koch
Jeff Kollman
Jimmy Lovinggood
Joe Naylor
Lee Roy Parnell
Mike Scaccia
Marc Seal
Doug Sewell
Paul Reed Smith
Rick Vito
Bart Walsh

We currently feature over four thousand videos of incredible individual guitars. These can be found under the "Video Library" tab on the main menu and on individual guitar pages throughout the site.

You can also use the navigation on the left of this page to find the company or model of the guitar you are looking for. Click the link underneath each video to take you to the product page for that specific guitar as well. When you see a menu item without a number in the parenthesis, that simply means there are sub-categories which feature more videos. You can also browse through these fine musical morsels on our YouTube channel which boasts over 11 MILLION VIEWS!!!

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