The Dale Wilson Tele arrived and it's amazing!!!

I believe, when overdriven, it has one of the best sounding bridge pickups I've ever experienced! Playability is superb with the fat neck.

Another great guitar from Wildwood, the best and most inspiring guitar temple of the world!

Kindest tegards, Thomas


Steve Stuart,

I cannot begin to tell you how much I like this guitar! The first time I picked it up it played like butter. Could not be happier with the purchase. Thank you very much for the shirt which I will wear with pride. You guys made it the buying experience of a lifetime for me. Your company culture is the best I have EVER experienced and I WILL BE VISITING YOUR SITE REGULARLY.

Thanks for everything-


I just wanted to say thanks for a great buying experience. I bought a Gibson J-45 Standard from you guys the other day. I have lived in Colorado off and on for 15+ years and never set foot in the shop. I figured that unless I walked in with a briefcase full of cash, nobody would pay me any attention, or that the employees would be condescending and pretentious. Let me say that this couldn't be further from the truth. Everyone who helped me was super nice (Steve was the sales person who was helping me directly), knowledgable and accommodating. They even recommended me a killer place to for lunch down the street (Lulu's) while the guitar was being set up. I don't know the next time I'll be int he market for another guitar, but when that time comes, you can be assured I'll be coming back to Wildwood. It was the best buying experience I've ever had buying a guitar. Thanks again for everything, and I'll definitely be recommending the shop to everyone.

-Scott P.


I had been looking for a classic Tele I could afford for YEARS! Beyond the extraordinary cost the pitfall with vintage was the radius. I came across the Wildwood 10’s by accident. I knew of Wildwood but had never really explored.

I found a few Tele’s on their site and called. Steve “S” answered. We discussed a few details and I gave him a list of six Tele’s that I was interested in. Steve informed me that one of my choices had the new Wildwood specification “Josefina” under wound pickups. Look, I have played hot pickups for years and vintage amps and pedals do not like that sensitivity. The idea was refreshing since I was looking for a special guitar. Let me digress; the idea of buying a guitar without hearing or playing it is insane, right? Yeah, I thought so too but you have to know how desperate I was to find that one of a kind Tele. It was worth the gamble and plus, they had a video with Greg Koch playing it so… Steve pulled the guitars I requested, played them, and gave notes on the criteria I had specified. The clear winner was my 61’ Fender Custom Shop Wildwood 10 in faded blonde. The day I received it was honestly one of the greatest moments in my life. It is truly one of a kind and everything I had held out for. Six weeks later Steve found a Wildwood 10 Strat for me and just this week, a year later, I purchased a Gibson J45 Vintage.

I didn’t plan on buying three guitars but I did and they are all one of a kind, just like Steve Stuart and Wildwood Guitars. I can’t believe I ever bought guitars anywhere else. I guess some of us are slower at being saved! Thank you Steve “S” and thank you Wildwood Guitars.

-Scott A.


Hey Steve,

I just wanted you to know that my Gretsch arrived safe and sound. I just unboxed it and played it for the first time. OMG, I love it so much!! And, thanks for the t-shirt - I'll wear it proudly!

Thanks again for all your help. I really appreciate you and your incredible store. I've already pointed several buddies your way so hopefully you'll be getting some more business from Virginia.



Steve Stuart,

I can't tell enough how outstanding you are. This is WAY above French standards about customer services. There would be no way that it happens in France as far as I know.

I bought it on the 15th and it was delivered today in the morning, 9am. This was Super Fast. I've been attended during the whole deal and for every single question I made, I received a reply really fast. The mint condition described is what I had. So that's a nearly brand new item. What else could I ask? I don't see anything to add, one word : Perfect. Will work with them again!

-Menin G
Hazebrouck, France


Troy came through big time for me. I was able to sell a lightly used high-end guitar and not end the conversation feeling angry or insulted (very rare), but it doesn't end there. Troy also gave me a great deal on a brand new Custom Shop Tele I had my eye on-- Instantly, no questions, no hesitations. Before I knew it, there was a 4x2 ft, 25 lb. package of pure joy greeting me for the first time (An emotion only a loving mother and guitar players can understand).

Bottom line: Trusted sellers and all around good people.

-John N. Arlington, VA



Thanks so much for everything. You were so gracious to take the time to play an extremely long list of guitars and take notes on each one. I appreciate that! Thanks also for the Wildwood swag...keep it coming as my whole family loves the shirts and other stuff you've been so kind to give us over the many years I've shopped with you.



As usual, your guys are the best and Wildwood is always my number one choice for ! In fact, I really don't bother going anywhere else these days...you seem to have the best of the best of what I'm after and the customer service can't be beat. Having the videos is just the icing on the cake...so, so, so entertaining to watch.

Thanks again and I'm sure I'll be back soon. Please be sure to add me to any mailing lists you may have.

Jeff R.


I just wanted to let you folks know that I think it has been absolutely terrific dealing with you. I completed the order for a Gibson Bonamassa Les Paul Ltd VOS yesterday morning and the guitar arrived at my office this afternoon. The guitar's incredible - I couldn't be any more thrilled. Where have you folks been all my life? :) I'm done with Sam Ash, Guitar Center, and all of the other brick-and-mortar rip-off warehouses here in Chicago. Looking forward to doing business with you for years to come. Thanks again to everyone involved in working on this transaction.

Chicago, IL


Steve and Team,

I just want to say that you guys are the best. I appreciate all of you showing me and allowing me to play countless guitars over the years and the friendships that have developed getting to know everyone that works at Wildwoods Guitars. I can’t say how pleased I am with my new Don Grosh ElectraJet Custom with the Electsonic pickups. I love this instrument, it’s totally one way cool guitar from head to toe. Just want to say thanks for being the best guitar shop and having the best staff on planet earth. You guys rock!

Jerry B.


Hi Bruce, Received the Jaguar yesterday and opened it up today. Its fantastic, a beautiful guitar well set up and plays brilliantly. The service I received from yourself and your other staff was exemplary and I certainly wouldn't hesitate to buy from you in the future. Thanks for everything.



Dear Steve,

As an addicted follower of your web site, I continue to be utterly amazed at the sheer number of guitars that arrive and (must obviously) leave your establishment daily... incredible!

Hats off to you and the team for your "world class" dealer status, even amidst this crazy economic climate we are living in!

Mike Slubowski


Hi Guys,

I wanted to thank each of you for your expert assistance with my recent R7 purchase (71371). It feels utterly perfect both in my hands and on a strap. A keeper for sure! If I make it up for any Broncos games (my brother in law gets a skybox suite each year), and assuming there is a NFL season, I'll make a point of visiting the store and thank you all personally.

Your reputation as a "go to" dealer on all of the guitar forums is well deserved! Thanks again!

Tom D.


Hi Steve,

I hope your recent trip was a success. I want to take a short moment and thank you for helping me with the PRS. I finally made a decision on one, and it came in yesterday. It is more than I expected. Bruce answered all my questions and he is a joy to work with. If I could ever play the guitar at the same level as your store's customer service, I would be as good as Clapton. Also, thanks for the guitar lesson on "Alright Now".



The NF3 was delivered today. It looks, feels, sounds great. The colors were exactly as was posted. The condition of the guitar was actually BETTER than was described in your advertising. This is my first time buying stuff from Wildwood and you guys hit a homerun with me. Service was faultless, too. I'll be telling all my other music-gearhead friends to bookmark your website.



After many many years of wanting to buy a Rickenbacker, I recently returned from the States the proud owner of my first Rickenbacker - a 360/12C63. It is not an understatement to say without the Rickenbacker Forum and the help of the kind folk from it, I would still be Ric-less. A few months back I asked for help on how to buy a Ric from the States and bring it back to Australia. A big thanks to Ron O'Keefe for putting me on to Wildwood Guitars and all the people who sent private mail confirming that Wildwoods were reliable. Troy Benns from Wildwood Guitars was a champion - he was easy to contact and gave me a great deal. The guitar needed to be in LA on a certain day so I could take it back to Australia and he delivered as promised. Thanks Troy. Also thanks to Josh who offered to go down to the store and give the guitar a once over for me. Thanks again to all who helped out with this purchase.



Dealing with Troy and the gang at Wildwood has been about as good as it gets!! Truly exceptional people that really know their stuff. I have now bought three guitars from Wildwood, and all three are truly great guitars.

Steve F.



I am sending this email to you because you sold me my guitar. I do however wish to thank "everyone" there at Wildwood Guitars for the help that I received in purchasing the Martin GPCPA2. I am one of the biggest skeptics when it comes to purchases of this nature over the internet. When it comes to Wildwood Guitars I am a convert. I did not have to sacrifice any of my expectations upon receipt of this beautiful guitar. My opinion is that an instrument should look good, play good, and sound good, (no particular order), and that there should be no sacrifice of overlooking one aspect to achieve the others. Along with the Martin company, your organization has fulfilled that checklist. Thank you again and continued success.

Mike S.
Horseheads, NY


Awesome customer service.

I just received my Les Paul 50's goldtop. Beautiful guitar, you guys really came through when this pre-order limited edition came out. You guys have great customer service and you kept me informed the whole time. You guys are the greatest!

Jim A.



I am writing to let you know how happy I am with the Custom Shop Strat I recently purchased from you. You sold me the guitar on 8/23. I liked the guitar right out of the box, but I think the climate change between Colorado and Ohio necessitated a neck adjustment so last week I took it to my favorite luthier for a set up to my personal preferences and now it is nothing short of AMAZING. What a fantastic guitar! Mike has been a luthier for 28 years and his comment to me was "....that Strat has to be in the top 1-2 % of all the Strats that have come through my shop. In a vintage style Strat, it doesn't get any better than that." The throaty tone of this guitar is just killer. I couldn't be more pleased.

I also wanted to mention that I had a small issue with the case that came with the guitar and your staff took great care of me. Jonathan took care of the problem with Fender and promptly got a replacement case sent out to me. Great customer service. This was also the case with my previous experience with Bruce when I ordered a Custom Shop Nocaster - another wonderful guitar by-the-way. I have recommended your shop to others in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you for the great guitars and great customer service.

Tom S.


Bruce and Jonathan,

I just wanted to let you know I received the guitar yesterday, and it is in PERFECT condition (for a relic!). It is just as cool as it was on the website, and you guys have been amazing to do business with. Very professional, helpful, friendly, knowledgeable- I couldn't ask for a better experience. I will do my part to spread the good word about you on the Gear Page and other musician sites. I hope to do business with you again soon.

Bruce- the description of the guitar's tone was just as you said, and this should be a great weekend around my house for sure!

Manny Z.



I just wanted to take a time out from playing such a wonderful instrument to share with you the details of my most recent "love affair".

I was out of the house when the custom order '59 Telecaster Wildwood '10' NOS guitar arrived. My wife was patient enough to remove the case from the box, but not open it until I arrived. We shared in the excitement together.

Out of the box, this guitar just sings. The set-up was immaculate and the fit and finish of every detail is beyond reproach. The frets have been dressed for the smoothest, "played-in" feel I've ever experienced without a single rough spot anywhere on the fret board. The Abigail pickups sound sweet and capture that vintage vibe without being too "toned down". The lightweight ash body resonates with a bell-like quality that accentuates and enhances every note. The birdseye maple neck and brazilian rosewood board make for a wonderful, furniture quality specimen. I am completely satisfied.

Thank you for the privilege and the patience with this order. Thanks to Jason Smith for his detailed craftsmanship.

I have been playing it nearly every moment for the past 14 days!

I aim to be a repeat customer!

Kindest regards,
Paul F.


Hi Troy,

I received the Strat (Serial # R28662) yesterday and it plays and sounds great. Unless the guitar just spontaneously falls apart, this has definitely been, from service to product, one of the best experiences with purchasing a guitar I've had. With buying guitars you often run into shady people with suspect instruments, especially when you order online. Thank you for representing your business so well. Next time I look to get another guitar, I'll be sure to check out your site.

Al D.


Well where do I begin. Let me get this emotion first out of the way..WOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! I can't tell you how ecstatic and so so happy with this guitar! This Guitar is everything I dreamed of in a Fender Stratocaster and The Mojo factor is unreal. A year ago I was visiting California, my girlfriend and I went into a Guitar Shop in Hollywood.. well I am not a fan of this cooperate Guitar place but they have a huge vintage inventory and there was a 1962 Fiesta Red Strat in superb condition. Of course I wanted to try it out and the vintage sales guy rudely handed it to me. Great experience playing a piece of history like that. I kept a very good memory of the tone and the feel of the neck etc.

This Custom Shop Strat has that feel, experience, and Exact Tone! This guitar feels like it was personally made for me. Everything about it... is what I would want exactly in a Strat. Awesome airy weight, the feel of the neck is like a glove in my hands. That Dark Rich Rosewood board is so killer and even has that waxy vintage feel like Vintage Fender. The shade of the Fiesta Red finish is exactly the finish I prefer. More of a berry red pink, than lets say orange salmon Fiesta. The action and feel is flawless, perfect setup for my playing.

Well the most important thing of course is the Tone, Man this guitar again has the Strat Tone I have in my head and searched for so long. Woody, Rich, Bell like, and Gorgeous Sweet Resonant Tone. That chimey sustain is so there. Fender Custom Shop did such a brilliant job with this example. I am floored!!

I am so pleased how things worked out and I chose this guitar instead. This is my perfect Strat and its the best Custom Shop I have owned.

I am so grateful to you Troy for everything!! Your service sets the standards for first class and you made me feel like I was the only customer that mattered. That is so rare in retail its not even funny. Thank you Jonathan for the outstanding shipping service again that sets the standard! Packing with so much care.

Thank you Steve Mesple and Wildwood Guitars for being the best of the best and most important... a kind, honest, and humane establishment.

Too happy beyond words,



I recently traded in a few guitars to purchase a 1960 strat relic. My salesman was Troy Benns and I just want to pass along what an unbelieveable job he did.

He took the time to answer my (numerous) questions, play a few selections I had made, and let me know of the best one. I'm a social worker and don't get to buy great guitars but once every five or so years. To know he took up much of his time to ensure I got an absolutely unreal strat speaks highly of his ability and service as a salesman and of your and the store's commitment to quality. You don't pass off us little guys who only come around once-in-a-while.

I got the guitar last night and was up until 3:00am playing it. I had to force myself to get some sleep. It is hands down the best electric I've ever played and is officially in my "never sell or trade" group of guitars.

Thanks again, you got a new cheerleader for Wildwood Guitars.

Dan B.


Hi Troy,

I wanted to let you know that the 54 Thin Skin Strat was delivered this morning. It looks really nice, and has a great vintage feel to it. I want to thank you, Steve, Phil and Brian for the great service, it was pleasure to do business with Wildwood Guitars, and I look forward to working with you again. With the incredible inventory of Fender guitars you have, I'm sure it won't be to long before you hear from me.

Bill J.


If you are out there looking to find a special guitar and can't access them locally, look no further than Wildwood because you have found the place to buy high quality guitars on-line with confidence. I recently purchased a Fender '54 Thin Skin Stratocaster from them which I am very happy with. After talking with me about all the attributes that I was after, Troy sorted through all the guitars and made suggestions based on his experience playing all of them. Then after we had honed in on a specific guitar another one unexpectedly arrived at the shop which he felt was just as good as the one he had singled out but it was also a very light weight 7.0 lb guitar. Knowing that if a lightweight guitar like that hit their website it would get scooped up right away, he put it aside for me to consider. After working through all the characteristics between the two guitars I settled on the new lightweight one that had come in. His descriptions where very accurate, balanced and professional and when I got the guitar - it was what I expected it to be. A fantastic guitar.

Recently, they even helped me out when I was buying a guitar they were not even selling. The seller, who lived closed to Wildwood, bought the guitar originally from Wildwood and offered to take the guitar to them for appraisal before the sale. The guys checked it over and reported that it was a great one (which it was) and then even facilitated the shipping for me!

Overall, I found Wildwood to be very professional and very helpful in every aspect. Buying a guitar over the phone is a very difficult thing and they know that and want to make sure you get the guitar you want. I cannot say enough great things about Wildwood and felt compelled to pass along both my great experiences with them. If you're reading this and wondering if Wildwood is a good company to remotely buy a guitar from, I was too but after my experiences I would whole heartily recommend them.

Calgary, AB



I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you and your team for your expert assistance in the purchase of my new Wildwood "10" Masterbuilt '59 Telecaster. It is an outstanding instrument and the tonal and playability characteristics were exactly as you described. I really like the Abigail hand wound Tele pickups, particularly the bridge, which has a lot of power and tone variability, but no harsh edges. As usual with Wildwood, the guitar also came perfectly set up.

This is the second John Cruz guitar that I have purchased from you and they are both truly excellent guitars. I think we agree that these WW10 Masterbuilts are some of the finest guitars ever made by Fender and are the future vintage collectible instruments.

As you know, my background is as a portfolio manager. Since the government is clearly monetizing the excess leverage in the financial system, it's a good bet that we will see an acceleration in inflation down the road. In that kind of environment, it makes sense to have some tangible assets as a component of the portfolio, to offset the loss in the purchasing power of paper. High quality WW10 guitars fit the profile. It wouldn't surprise me at all to see the value of these guitars double or triple over the next decade. The great thing is that you also get to make music with them. Try doing that with a bar of gold!

Thanks again, Steve.



Lance and Brian,

I got the guitar last night. I picked it up from the UPS depot. Thank you both so much for such a pleasurable transaction. (Brian, thanks for your offer to help out with the shipping re-direct)

I am so happy with the guitar. It plays like a dream (first guitar that I don't have to spend an hour fiddling with the action) and sounds great. Lance, your ears are great, it definitely has the low mid thing down. I can play the bridge pickup alone without feeling blasted by treble. It just has more 'beef' than my old guitar and I dig the pickups.

The finish is just spectacular. I've never seen a strat built so well, and so well appointed. I hope to have this guitar for years and years to come. I would absolutely purchase another guitar from Wildwood in a heartbeat.

Thanks guys, I'll spread the word!!!



Hi Troy,

Just a note to say my special order Lefty 3 PU Les Paul is absolutely fantastic, a dream come true and it weighs 8.76 pounds! After waiting several years trying to find a used one as it was out of production, I considered many worldwide dealers and placed the order with yourselves. Wildwood has a brilliant reputation, providing a superb service to the guitar world. I cannot recommend your service and courtesey high enough.

Many thanks to you and the rest of the team.

Best regards,
Pete W.


Hi Steve, Troy and Phil,

I just thought I'd send you an email to let you know of how AWESOME this Strat is!! Thank you so much for offering me this guitar at such a great price!! It has THAT sound and the most amazing feel. It somehow felt like an "old friend". A little bit unbelievable, but that is how great it feels playing it.


Thank you for picking this one out for me. It has automatically become my main guitar at gigs. My wife has dubbed it "Mary Scary" (As in Mariah Carey) because of all the glitter!! All I am running it through is just a Keeley TMB and through a Bad Cat Classic Cat and an old Vox AC30. One word... WOW!!

Thanks again for everything!!

Kindest regards,


To the great people at Wildwood,

I just wanted to drop you guys a thank you and let you know my new guitar is even better than I ever dreamed. The Burgundy Mist Jazzmaster is perfect. You guys have made my first "top shelf" guitar purchase something I will never forget. Tell Troy he was also right about the Reverb Deluxe RI I picked up at the same time, the reverb drips, the guitar sounds great, and I could not be more pleased.

You guys did a great job selecting my pup from the litter of Thin Skin Jazzmasters. Now I got to start saving for a Thin Skin Jaguar next year!

Give Troy a thumbs up and thanks a million.

Byron C.
Flower Mound, Texas



I received the John Cruz Masterbuilt '51 Nocaster Heavy Relic. It is simply an amazing guitar. He built a fabulous instrument.

As you know, thanks to Wildwood, I have some truly excellent guitars. However, this Nocaster is now the best guitar that I own. It was evident almost immediately in playing it. It has tremendous acoustical qualities. When plugged in, it has a wonderful sustain and beautiful tone. As you said, there are no harsh edges that can be common in Teles. All of the pickup switching positions bring something unique, but the bridge position has a punch that won't quit. I have gravitated over time to a tweed tone through a Victoria Bassman and this guitar brings out dimensions in the amp that I have not heard before.

This Nocaster is very comfortable to play. I really like the combination of the fat "U" neck, 9.5" radius, and the medium jumbo frets. As you mentioned, the smooth back of the neck relicing that John Cruz does is a great feature and makes movement around the guitar effortless.

Thank you for directing me to this Nocaster. It is flawless, which is a rare thing. I am not sure what to do for an encore, though I suspect that I will figure it out when you receive your Masterbuilt Wildwood 10's!

Please thank your tech for me. He is truly talented and I understand why he sets up your personal collection. My guitar came set up perfectly. Every guitar that I have received from Wildwood has had a perfect setup with no buzz ever.

It is a pleasure to do business with Wildwood. You have assembled an excellent team with the best customer service in the business.

Thanks again Steve,


Hey Steve,

I got the guitar today and it is beautiful. I cant believe how clean it is for a used white 62 reissue.. there are no issues with it at all. I plugged her in to my 212 blues deville amp and she sings... I dont even need pedals with this baby. This thing has all the sound... Thanks again for the wonderful service and guitar. You guys need a testimonial page on your website!

Mark H.
Lodi, CA


Dear Steve and Lance,

I wanted to share my thoughts and appreciation for the superlative service I experienced in buying my Fender Custom Shop Classic Strat and the expeditious resolution of a minor problem that occurred.

First I called into your store twice to get a feeling for the way Wildwood did business and I was impressed by Lance's knowledge, a consultative versus a sales orientation, and the exceptional inventory of custom strats ..many or most with Wildwood specified upgrades which would not be available in the same Fender Custom Shop model through other dealers.

I identified five guitars that were my "finalists". Lance ( and Troy ) volunteered to play them all and give me their opinions on their subtle differences and nuances. Lance's description of the sonic qualities of each guitar far exceeded my vocabulary even though I have been playing and purchasing fine guitars for 40 years. Wildwood's knowledge extends far beyond descriptors like good sustain, fat, nice chime, or glassy.... Their expertise and diligence facilitated my selection. It captured the sound that was a perfect fit to my sonic preferences and styles of music. The guitar arrived and its appearance, fit, and finish eclipsed even the Wildwood website photos that I feel are the best of any online-dealer.

Then, a small problem occurred. The middle pick-up inexplicably died. Something that no measure or care or quality control can prevent 100% of the time even on premium custom shop guitars. Steve pulled some magic strings and a replacement was next day Fed-EXd to me and my new Strat was again working perfectly. I might add, great set up, with action and intonation right on the money. I feel that a very undervalued aspect of customer service is how problems are resolved even those that occur rarely as is the case with the premium guitars.

I now have full faith and confidence that should anything unavoidable and unforeseeable go sideways on my future purchases from Wildwood that I am dealing with an organization of people that are absolutely sincere and effective in their claims about the importance of customer satisfaction. I might stray to other retailers for products Wildwood does not carry but when it comes to guitars and amps there is but one store that has earned my trust and unqualified confidence. So, if you are contemplating the purchase of a fine guitar, bass, or amp and want the best stuff at very competitive prices go Wildwood, no need to look further. Great service is routinely promised but rarely delivered. But, these guys are for real.

With appreciation,
Peter G.
Elk Grove, CA


Hello Steve and Sales Staff,

I want to thank you for the fine service and no pressure atmosphere which made my recent purchase of a Rickenbacker 660/12-string so enjoyable. Imagine my surprise when I called to be placed on the waiting list for one of these hard-to-find instruments - only to hear you say, "come on down, we've got four!" Since I'd been scouring the internet and had called Rickenbacker directly only to learn there is a two-year wait, I was shocked that you had 4 of the total 6 available in the U.S.

Imagine my further surprise to learn that your price was $150 less than the store holding the other two.

The buying experience itself was like being catered to in every way, with absolutely no hassle or pressure.

Your staff brought in 4 Rickenbackers (one of which you'd allowed me to place on hold after viewing the excellent pix on your website), opened their cases on the floor and gave me free reign to play them all without comment or interruption. Not only that, your guys even carried a very heavy Roland JC-120 into the audition room and set it up so I could hear the guitars through my own equipment.

I felt like someone famous ...

It turns out that the guitar I'd placed on hold did have the best tone of the bunch and I bought it on the spot.

The transaction went so smoothly - and it was a Saturday, no less - that I marveled at your good sense of what serious buyers expect.

One of your staff thanked me for "gracing our store with your music" - perhaps alluding to my unique style - and Steve himself complimented me on my guitar auditioning technique (of playing the same material over and over on each guitar as opposed to playing every ditty I know randomly). All-in-all, it showed that everyone was engaged in my buying experience, displaying the low-key, yet attentive attitude musicians expect at such an important time.

I will certainly be sending every guitar player I know to Wildwood Guitars.

Fort Collins, CO


Just a note to tell you how much I love the "10" relic tele I recently bought from you. This instrument has the best voice of any guitar I have ever owned. The guitar is alive, it rings and breathes when I'm chording and sings with one of the most organic vocal qualities I've ever heard from a guitar when soloing with any combination of the pickups.

I'd been looking for a good telecaster for quite awhile. The specs listed for the guitar on your internet page led me to believe that this could be 'the one' (from the reviews of your Wildwood "10"s on the internet it sounds like every one of these guitars is 'the one').

As musicians you understand how words can fall short when trying to describe the feeling you get from playing a great instrument. Thanks again for a great guitar and a great buying experience.

Best Regards,
Tim B.


Hey Steve,

I got my new John Mayer strat in shoreline gold yesterday. I can't believe how awesome this guitar is. The only thing better than the guitar is the service from your shop. I called on Saturday because I could not believe my eyes on your site. No one had this guitar in stock (this color is out of production). After a completely pressure free sale, you said "I'll ship it out Monday first thing, you should have an email late Monday afternoon with all your tracking information". It all went down just the way you said it would, one phone call quick and easy. I was playing the guitar in new york by Thursday afternoon WITH FREE SHIPPING!!!!!!! The best part about this purchase was the price. This guitar in THIS color is in demand (based on the feedback I got from other shops that initially claimed to have it in stock) you really could have jacked the price considerably. I got the unit for the same price (actually cheaper without tax) that The Guitar Center is selling the left over, less wanted colors for. I got it all at your shop SERVICE, VALUE AND INTEGRITY. You rarely find one of the qualities as a consumer these days but at Wildwood I got all three. I'm still in awe. You will be the first person I call when I consider my next purchase.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You,
Rob C.


To the staff at Wildwood:

My Tyler Studio Elite HD (Candy Yellow Lemon Shmear) arrived today and I would be remiss if I didn't drop you guys a note to tell you how much I love it. The finish, the workmanship, THE TONE! Not only is this the finest guitar I've ever owned (and I've had some great stuff), it's the finest guitar I've ever PLAYED.

Most importantly though I wanted to thank you for the great service and attention. I chose Wildwood on reputation alone and you did not disappoint. I'm sure you can appreciate that buying a high-end guitar that you've never played from a store you've never done business with (in another country to boot) is a test of trust. You have earned that trust (and then some) with your professionalism and confidence-inspiring service. I will not hesitate to recommend Wildwood to others and I know we will do business again in the future (you know....when I pay this one off). :)

Thanks for a great guitar and a wonderful experience.

Best regards (with sore fingers),



I actually received the Wildwood "10" '50s Stratocaster last Friday, so one day turnaround is pretty great service. I have been playing the guitar all weekend (yesterday too). Just as you said, it is a wonderful guitar. The tone is beautiful and this Strat is extremely comfortable to hold (it is so effortless to play). I can't imagine a better combination of guitars than this Strat and the Wildwood "10" Tele that I purchased earlier. They are very complimentary. My dilemma is that I can only play one at a time! These Wildwood "10" guitars are very special and are really works of art. Generally, I'm not really into material things, but now my wife jokes that I finally understand how much she loves her antique furniture.

Thanks again for a great customer service experience. I spent my career as a portfolio manager and research analyst and looked at many, many companies over the years. Excellent service is actually a rare thing. I can tell you that Wildwood does things the right way.

Please give my regards to Bruce and Lance.

Paul W.
Seal Beach, California


Dear Steve,

I want to thank you again for all the great service you and your staff provided when I was shopping for a Martin guitar.

In this competitive business world where everyone has the same product, the only thing a business can offer in order to stand out is service and in this area you reign supreme.

As a novice guitarist I was always intimidated when I went to look at guitars. I wasn't experienced enough to sit and play various models to determine which was best suited for me. I also was somewhat embarrassed to ask a salesperson to play a bunch of different models for me. So shopping for a guitar became a chore until I found Wildwood.

Also, I had a Rodriguez classical guitar that none of the other stores would even consider taking as a trade and some didn't even know what it was. Not so at Wildwood. You were not only willing to consider it for trade but also, after examining it, offered a very fair price for it.

But most importantly, it was the friendly, no pressure atmosphere that was felt as soon as I walked in the door that hooked me on your store. You took all the time I needed to evaluate various models. You played each one for me so I could hear the difference. You helped me make a decision by contributing your expertise and never once even tried to "sell" me anything. You and your staff exude a love of the instrument that overshadows any sales technique that others try to use.

But the topper was the fact that even after spending all the time with me and playing so many different models, you were willing, without hesitation, to order a D16R model that you didn't have in stock so I could compare that one as well. In my opinion, this goes above and beyond the call of duty. Plus even with all the good service, your price was the best anywhere.

I have told every musician I know (even friends out of state) about your store and gave out your web address.

I love my new Martin D16R and would not have it had it not been for you and your great staff.


Mel O.
Berthoud, CO


Hello Steve and Bruce,

First, let me thank you for the amazing Strat you sold me. Your service is second to none; what a pleasure it was working on the purchase of my 60's Sonic Blue Wildwood 10 Strat with Bruce.

When I received the delivery and opened the box I was amazed by the look, feel, and tone of the instrument (by the way that was before I even plugged it in). Then I fired up my 18 watt combo, turned up the volume and it was all she wrote!

This strat is by far the BEST custom shop strat I have ever owned. So much so that I have sold my '56 Relic Vintage Blonde, '60 Relic Fiesta Red, and '65 Relic Surf Green Strats. I just did not love them the way I love this Wildwood 10.

The feel, look, and tone of this guitar is outstanding and the necks and fretwork are perfect. The pickups are clear and bell like when played clean and when you fire up some overdrive or fuzz man they scream — no mud here! Just clear bell like tones. Standard custom shop guitars cannot hold a candle to these Wildwood 10s. You guys did a great job here and your service is the best.

Thanks again,

Wayne A.
New York



I received the guitar and everything is great. The Tom Anderson Atom is even nicer than described and plays like a dream. I wanted to thank you and your staff for answering all my questions and even doing a "live" phone demo for me. I also wanted to thank you for shipping the guitar out the same day even though you guys were in the middle of a large shipment of Fender guitars.

I have purchased gear from a lot of different places and I have never experienced this level of service. Your friendliness and ability to make sure the customer is satisfied goes way beyond the competition out there. I will keep checking your website and I hope to purchase more Wildwood.

Thanks Again!

Aurora, IL


Bruce & Steve —

I just wanted to thank you guys for your excellent service and attention to detail. I purchased my Taylor 410 E LTD from Wildwood guitars about a month ago, and have not been able to put it down since receiving it.

You guys are a class act in customer service and provide products exactly as described and pictured on your website. The guitar arrived packaged securely, and by the estimated shipping arrival date.

I will be recommending Wildwood Guitars to many friends who may be purchasing new instruments in the future. To most buyers, purchasing a solid wood guitar is a major investment and takes lots of time to arrive at a decision. After making my purchase from Wildwood Guitars via telephone, I was left with the impression that your staff is primarily customer-oriented and really wants to help the customer with their decision.

The bottom line is, the entire purchasing process was pleasant and everybody I spoke with at Wildwood Guitars was friendly and helpful. It's good to know that there are a few good guitar dealers left out there. No bashing of Brand A guitars vs. Brand B guitars, & no pushing the customer towards a guitar just to make a sale - just the facts on guitar the customer is inquiring about.

Thanks so much for a great buying experience, and an instrument that I will definitely be keeping for life! Wildwood Guitars Rocks!

— Jeremy
Maumelle, AR