Regal II Tweed

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Brand: Victoria
A combo amp featuring reverb and tremolo, The Regal II is a pure single ended class A design that utilizes a new "Adaptive Transformer Technology" that allows for the use of one or two power tubes at the same time! Therefore, operating power is rated from 5 watts to 35 watts; and at 5 watts, it's a REAL 5 watts, not some squashed approximation of 5 watts. The Regal II is designed around an custom bifilar output transformer that is essentially two discreet transformers driving a common speaker load. This allows for the use of any combination of common 8 pin power tubes — from a single 6V6 delivering 5 watts of pure class A power, to two EL-34's for 35 watts. And because each tube is relating to its own independent transformer winding and bias resistor, any combination of different tubes types can be auditioned. Whether it be a single 6V6 or 6L6GC or a combination of the two (yes that's right, a 6V6 and a 6L6GC at the same time) the Regal II never needs biasing or adjustments when changing tubes. This versatility is also extended to rectifier tubes; the Regal II can accept any common 5 Volt rectifier including 5Y3, 5V4, 5U4, and 5AR4 with no adjustments nessessary! You know that shoebox full of orphan power tubes you've got stashed in the closet?? The Regal II has arrived, ready to put them to use!


• 5-35 watts

• 1 5U4GB, 2 5881, 3 12AX7, 1 12AT7

• Footswitchable 100% tube driven reverb and tremolo

• Eminence Legend 15" speaker

• 100% handwired with US made Allen Bradley resistors and custom Victoria capacitors

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