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Ironman Standalone Attenuator

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Brand: Tone King
Tone King's new IRONMAN takes attenuation technology to a new level, with its precision reactive load and 100% pure transformer coupling of both load and speaker at every level of attenuation. With this technology, your amp sees the same complex load impedance at every level of attenuation. The speaker is likewise coupled to the amplifier with 100% pure transformer coupling (no resistors!), for the most transparent and accurate coupling possible, at every level of attenuation.

• Max power handing: 100W RMS

• Output impedance: 4,8,16 ohms (selectable, independent of input impedance)

• Line Out: Adjustable, speaker simulated

• Input impedance: 4, 8, 16 Ohms (selectable)

• Attenuation Steps: 15 steps (0db to -40db)

• Power Division: Pure transformer matching of load and speakerat all attenuation steps