Real McCoy Custom


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Brand: Real McCoy Custom
Since it's release in 1998, the RMC1 has gained the reputation as one of the best wah pedals in the world. Based on the most requested hot-rod mods Geoffrey Teese has done over the years, this hand built wah delivers more sweep range than mass produced wahs. Besides the increased range, the RMC1 produces a more musical sweep with a repositioned sweet spot, richer mids, and a stronger low end than any chrome-top wah on the market today. Also, the wet output signal of the RMC1 is boosted to keep your sound from getting lost in the crowd like other wahs. Just like the world-renowned RMC3, RMC1 wahs are built one at a time, and feature true-bypass switching for no signal loss and AC adapter jack. With a low retail price, the RMC1 can make your guitar growl, not your wallet.

Custom versions of the RMC1 are available with unity gain. These are available directly from RMC. The RMC1 is tuned for single coil pickups. If you use humbuckers, I strongly suggest you consider another model, as the RMC1 can sound muddy with some high output humbuckers. All other RMC models are more humbucker friendly.