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Brand: Malekko Pedals
Designed by Todd Wolfgram, Malekko is very happy to release our hand-built, all-analog Wolftone SLOIKA pedal. Featuring locally screen-printed enclosures, each pedal is built with optimal components meticulously selected from all corners of the globe.

SLOIKA is a unique distortion pedal utilizing multiple bands of distortion to simulate multiple amplifiers set at different gain levels. Capable of very heavy distortion, the SLOIKA (like all Wolftone pedals) is extremely musical and very responsive to a player’s dynamics.

SLOIKA is designed to create a transparent distortion allowing you to retain the sound of your guitar and amp. This pedal will not mask your equipment’s tone. Single or humbucking pickups are still clearly heard and articulated and you can easily modulate between light or heavy distortion using picking dynamics. Very sensitive to input levels, SLOIKA allows you to control the amount of distortion from your guitar. Want a clean sound? Just back off the guitar’s volume. Searing distortion is just a matter of playing harder or cranking the guitar volume. And SLOIKA enables a seamless transition from distortion into clean when you play a full chord and let it sustain.

The SLOIKA is a combination of 8 parallel distortion bands. The interaction between the DRIVE and SATURATE settings determines how these bands effect your sound. To really hear the strengths of this pedal, use a loud, clean amp.


The Volume knob controls the output volume of the pedal.

The Saturate knob adjusts the working depth of the effect, from crisp and bright to soft and thick. A low setting is open and airy. A mid setting gives a hard hitting, crunchy sound. High settings are spongy, saturated, darker.

The Drive knob controls the amount of distortion, from smooth and shallow to heavy and powerful with tons of gain and very loud.

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