Mulder Audio

X-1 Overdrive Pedal

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Serial: MDX1
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Brand: Mulder Audio
A full range design offering unique flexibility and clarity with your guitars volume control. Provides plenty of gain and character while staying true to your guitars tone. Responds to your playing style and is extremely touch sensitive.

• Hand wired with Mulder Audio cable

• Discrete circuitry (no IC’s or chips)

• Three position germanium & silicon diode settings

• Terminal strip point to point wiring (no circuit board)

• Walnut hardwood tuned enclosure

• Audiophile grade polystyrene and tin foil capacitors

• Ultra-high quality non-ferrous metal film resistors

• CTS Pots

• Switchcraft jacks

• Non-magnetic construction

• True bypass

• Durable and beautiful powder coated finish

• Controls: 1 Volume, Gain. Toggle Switch: Up – silicon diodes, Middle – no diodes, Down – Germanium diodes

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