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Dual Rectifier Head Diamond Plate

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Brand: Mesa Boogie
Mesa/Boogie is very excited to introduce the new Dual Rectifier for 2010! We are confident that it's going to take you beyond that place you remember... You know, that amazing feeling of almost disbelief when you plugged into a Recto for the first time... hit that first chord and were pressed back with arguably one of the most defining guitar tones of out time. The new Rectos aren't just that good... They Really are BETTER!!

• New Improvements / Features:

• Patented Multi-Watt Channel Assign Power

• Patented Channel Assignable Dual Rectification with Recto Tracking

• New Footswitchable, Tube-Driven SERIES FX Loop

• New Tuner Output with Footswitchable Tuner Mute

• New Compact Footswitch

• Improved Clean and Pushed Modes

• Improved Channel Cloning on Channels 2 and 3

• Improved Presence Control on Vintage Mode