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Brand: Jetter
Words from the Jetter Website:
A REAL Vibe that will fit on your pedalboard!


True four-stage classic light driven circuit. Each stage is electrically matched.
Each unit individually calibrated for consistent performance.
Modern circuit interpretation that retains the critical aspects of the classic vibe.
High input impedance... it will not load down your guitar signal.
Unity gain output... no fooling around with a volume control.
Custom voicing circuit provides a sweet, liquid tone.
The smallest four-stage vibe that is pedalboard friendly.
True Bypass
Operates on any high quality 9V power supply such as the Boss PSA-120, Voodoo Lab Pedal Power, or the Visual Sound 1-Spot.
It will work with a 9V battery (not included) for up to one hour... it can get you through a set in a pinch.
Custom, USA, made steel enclosure with fully welded seams
Hand built in the USA with the highest quality components... no SMD technology.
Pulsing status LED that indicates Intensity as well as Rate.