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EWS Arion SCH-Z Mod

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Brand: Xotic
Many professional musicians use the Arion Stereo Chorus because of its unique tone. However, there have been many requests to modify the pedal to make it more useful. E.W.S (Engineering Work Store), of Prosound Communications Inc. Japan, have created special modifications to enhance its tone.

Here are the features and a few comments from endorsers regarding the modifications to the Arion Chorus:

• Install 3PDT Switch and make it True Bypass

• Tone setting is adjusted for more smooth sound keeping the original tone

• Vivid Blue LED

• Chorus and Vibe mode switchable : Note OUT2(STEREO) is NOT usable any more because of this MOD.

Michael Thompson said:

"I just wanted to let you guys know how much I like the Arion Chorus mod. I have the original Arion and even though I've always liked the sound of the modulation I've never been happy with the overall sound of the pedal. The EWS Mod makes it a whole new pedal. Both the chorus and the vibrato are stellar with really strong depth. The bypass is great too. Thanks for a great pedal."

Allen Hinds said:

"Now the Arion has a 'vibrato' setting I can use. Still with the Arion 'quirky' tone, but richer and deeper, and 'true bypass.' Simply a 'must' conversion for any Arion user!"