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Brand: EarthQuaker Devices
The Black Eye clean boost is a Mosfet based booster. It’s very transparent but will add a noticeable sparkle and “umph” to your tone. Capable of boosting your signal by almost 30db as well as acting as a cut control. The gain is set by an internal trimmer (so if you own a low-output guitar you may be able to squeeze out even more boost) and the level is controlled with the external control. Simple.

In case you are not familiar with clean boosts: This device does not create distortion on it’s own. It can be used to drive your amp (or other pedals) into singing overdrive or boost your clean sound unaltered.


4.37″ X 2.37″ X 1.07″


9v Battery or any standard 9 volt DC power supply with a negative center 2.1mm barrel.


Boost/Cut: External
Gain: Internal Trimmer