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Memory Boy

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Brand: Electro-Harmonix
The electro-harmonix Memory Boy gives guitarists and analog enthusiasts a streamlined version of a pedalboard classic. You've heard the Memory Man defying the laws of space and time for decades, wrapping riffs in a warm, organic tone the defined what we want from a good analog delay. The Memory Boy continues this tradition, but is priced to make this classic sound affordable to everyone. The fruit of two years of R&D, Memory Boy stays true to its heritage while using newly refined analog IC's. Affordable, pedalboard-friendly, and steeped in the heritage of a legend, every guitarist needs a Memory Boy!

• All analog delay with Feedback

• Up to 550 ms delay time

• Selectable Chorus or Vibrato modulations rates

• Choose between triangle or square modulation waveforms

• Expression pedal control of delay time or modulation rate (expression pedal extends the range of modulation rate)

• True Bypass