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Maz 18 Junior 1x12 Combo

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Brand: Dr Z
After the success of the MAZ-38, and a more than a few requests for the same tone in a smaller package, the Doctor set off to create this little beauty. As a result, the MAZ-18 "Junior" was born. Like most offspring, this "chip off the old block" began to take on a personality of its own. While the overall "sound shape" is similar to the MAZ-38, the "Junior" has a bit more gain.

Don't confuse the "18 Watt" with "weak and flabby." You'll be amazed by the definition and headroom, all the way down to the low E — plenty of power for a single 12" speaker or 2 10" speakers. You'll use this amp in small clubs and never think about needing to mic it. Got a larger venue? Mic it and play away, because big amp tone and soul is all there. This would also be a great amp for jazz guitarists, whether you're looking to replace a small blackface amp or looking for an amp with enough complexity for fusion.

The end result is an amp that every strat player will love, but it's not only for strats. The "Cut" knob may be the most useful and versitile tone shaping tool on any guitar amp. Throughout its range, it produces a large variety of sounds to satisfy players using all guitars for most every style of music. The "Cut" knob is best used after the EQ is all set; turn it up for extra edge, turn it down for a more vintage sound.


• Power Output: 18 Watts

• Output Tubes: 2 - EL-84

• Preamp Tubes: 4 - 12AX7, 1 - 12AT7

• Rectifier: 1 - GZ34

• Controls: Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Master Volume, Cut, Reverb