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Brand: Catalinbread
The newly redesigned Semaphore combines a fantastic audio path, with a diverse tremolo that has a bottomless feature set including 8 different waveforms, tap tempo and divide, tap tempo input, and expression pedal capabilities. It's small footprint combined with a feature set that suits both foot tappers and knob twiddlers alike, makes the Semaphore both versatile and pedalboard friendly.

At the heart of the Semaphore is a lush audio path to sculpt a gorgeous clean boost sound, that is present and alive without being peaky or harsh. We've quadrupled the number of waveforms, everything is in there from classic square, triangle, and sine waves to ramping sounds, and a mind-bending random shape. And in conjunction with the Shape contour, which morphs the waveshape, numerous waveforms are waiting to be unlocked. The Semaphore sounds fantastic, and the Tap Tempo section is engaging and easy to use. We've even included a control voltage input to control the tap tempo with another unit.

There are a multitude of ways to controlling the Semaphore. Using the rate knob provides knob-twiddlers the opportunity to dial in their sound. The tap-divide and switch allows you to quickly tap in your tremolo sound and make asjustments on the fly. The Tap In also allows you to slave the Semaphore to another tap tempo unit. Finally, if you want the ability to ramp your speed up and down, or to bring in depth as needed, the Expression pedal input allows your feet to do the talking.

The Waveshape and Shape knobs are paired together to determine the form of the tremolo. The Semaphore comes equipped with the eight wave- forms listed below, to experience these 8 shapes unaltered, the Shape knob should be at noon. With the excep- tion of the random waveshape, all the others can be manipulated using the Shape knob.


The rate control, controls the speed of the tremolo. On the Semaphore this knob’s characteristics are affected by the position of the Tap Divide control.

The Tap Divide works as the engine for the Tap function of the Semaphore. Since a tremolo can obviously operate at a much faster rate than one could tap out, this control takes your tap tempo and multiplies it by the corresponding note beats.

The Shape control is used to morph the selected waveshape. At noon your waveshape will represent the shape on the Waveshape control, but to either side this shape will slant providing numerous sounds and endless possibilities.

The Waveshape control provides eight different waveshapes, which won’t leave anybody wanting for more.

The Depth control dials in how much tremolo is in your signal. Dialed all the way down, the Semaphore can be used as a boost, and you can bring up the depth enough for slight shimmers in your signal, or all out depth, for maximum effect.

The Volume control, obviously, controls the volume of the pedal. Unity on the pedal is around noon, depending on the voltage running, and provides plenty of boost or attenuation.