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Limited Edition Random Direct Drive

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Brand: Barber
Dressed in a stunning Random-Black texture with metallic silver graphics. Each pedal has its unique sonic vibe a little different from the others. The Direct Drive circuit has been time tested and bestowed the highest awards by Guitar Player magazine. From time to time we like to take our pedals to new places. In this case, the concept and execution of random-builds. Specific areas of the circuit are chosen to receive the random treatment where the builder literally has a grab-bag of stellar component-values to fill spots on the circuit-board. The randomness is limited to what we have predetermined to be the sweet-spot of components. This leads to each pedal having it's own musically distinct voicing, while maintaining exception sound and heritage to the Direct Drive. If you are searching for a little more exceptional individuality in your guitar rig, the random-build Direct Drive may be just the ticket.