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Compact 60/2

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Brand: AER
Proven to be the all-round, small, powerful and yet simple to use complete solution for stage, studio and home use that works up to the highest demands of musicians of all styles. Intended for the Singer – Songwriter its two channels allow superb reproduction of voice and instrument and with its size – smiled at in the beginning – being its second strongest side it has become the standard solution – „…the amp of choice“ – for those musicians who value sound, simplicity, reliability and independence to assign the tone they want to be heard in. The compact 60 has found many friends around the world and it is used with nearly all instruments, acoustic as well as electric, in many kinds of applications.

• 60 watts, dynamic control

• 8” (200 mm) twin cone speaker

• Two channels, 3 and 2 band EQ

• 4 digital effect presets (2 reverbs, delay and chorus)

• 7,55 kg (16.65 lbs)

• Includes padded gigbag w/shoulderstrap

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