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Vintage 1929 National Wood Body Triolian

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Serial: 1617
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Condition of Instrument:
"National Triolian" decal on headstock with some scrapped off, Tan-Yellow finish with lacquer checking throughout, Hula Girl decal on back in great shape! This Resonator is in excellent condition considering the years it has seen! Original case and tailpiece in case. Case is in good working order but does have scuffing throughout.

Amazing tonal depth to this instrument! Some back of neck wear but otherwise just natural wear. Great piece of history!!

Brand: Used
Model: Vintage 1929 National Wood Body Triolian
Weight: 5.77 lbs
Neck Wood: Maple
Neck Shape: Rounded
Fingerboard: Maple
Headstock: Slotted Peghead
Case: Original Hardshell Case

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