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Historic Wildwood Spec SG

Iconic Instruments. Unbelievable Tone.

The heritage of the classic SG goes back to 1961, when it was first introduced as the replacement for the Les Paul model. In the years to follow, the Les Paul would be reintroduced, but the undeniable impact of the SG would change the landscape of Gibson guitars forever. Our Wildwood Spec 1961 SG Standard was carefully designed as a faithful reproduction of the SG that started it all, featuring a hide glue neck joint, premium mahogany tone woods, and of course, our signature Wildwood Spec Custom Buckers. The result is a loving recreation of a timeless classic, with all of the heart, soul and vintage feel we at Wildwood cherish oh so much. We couldn't be more proud of our relationship with the Gibson Custom Shop and the wonderful instruments we've created through tireless collaboration, passion, and precision. It's in the spirit of that unique collaboration that we're both sincerely humbled and honored to present to you, our exceptional customers, the Wildwood Spec 1961 SG Standard.