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Gibson Custom Shop Collector's Choice

Goldie. Sandy. Gabby. The Beast.

These iconic names are universally recognized among collectors and prime examples of Gibson’s finest vintage instruments. These classic instruments represent the cream of the crop in the vintage guitar world, with unique stories and history as legendary as the artists that have played them. In celebration of these iconic instruments and their respective owners, The Gibson Custom Shop has created The Collector’s Choice line. These fantastic instruments are so much more than just reissues with a fancy name. Painstaking lengths are taken by the Gibson Custom Shop to precisely recreate the vibe and tone of some of the most recognizable instruments on the planet. Using modern technology, every detail, every nick and every ding is recreated, resulting in nearly indistinguishable replicas of their vintage counterparts; right down to their unique finishes, broken in neck profiles and pickups. Needless to say, this is about as close as it gets to the real thing! Each Collector’s Choice instrument you see here has been hand selected for the Wildwood Family, representing what we feel are some of the finest examples of each run. We are incredibly proud to carry the Collector’s Choice line, and invite you to experience the history, the legend and the magic.