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Fender Custom Shop Dealer Select Wildwood "10" Guitars '51 Nocaster

The '51 Nocaster is, without question, one of the coolest, and perhaps most important models in the history of Fender guitars. Once known as the "Broadcaster," this "no-name" transitional guitar has become a favorite among collectors and players alike. With a killer lightweight ash body, a quarter sawn maple neck with classic Nocaster "U" profile, these Nocasters have all the details and vintage vibe that make them a staple in the history of the electric guitar. But wait, there's more. We went one step further and added the signature Wildwood Custom "10" Radius, Dunlop 6105 frets and a set of our favorite Twisted Tele pickups to create our own version of this iconic classic. A true time capsule for the guitar enthusiast!