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An Iconic Name. A Gold Standard.

Wildwood Guitars is proud to be recognized as a Fender USA dealer and online partner. Fender is certainly one of the most recognizable names in the industry, with classic instruments that have defined generations and inspired millions. Our incredible relationship with Fender goes back decades, and has resulted in some of our proudest achievements, including the ever-popular Thin Skin series, which dared to offer our exceptional customers American made, production line instruments with premium appointments, as well as numerous variations on classic models. The Fender American Standard Series, along with their Deluxe, Vintage, Select and Artist lines, are some of the most affordable USA production model instruments available, with a wide range of options for discerning players and collectors alike. Wildwood Guitars is proud to represent Fender USA here, in our online store, with a vast inventory, including numerous special run selections. We invite you to browse an American classic and see why such icons as the Stratocaster and Telecaster have become the go to standard for musicians all over the world.

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