12 Vintage Les Pauls on display in one room


An absolutely EPIC photo from our friend Mike Slubowski, of his Vintage Les Pauls.     Takes our collective breath away!   We are most grateful to Mike for this inspiring photo.  Mike has allowed us to play each and every one of these soulful guitars, we are not worthy.  We look forward to Mike’s semi-frequent visits to our shop, during which he is always faithful to bring ‘holy grail’ instruments like these for our enjoyment and delight.

52 goldtop, 53 goldtop, 54 goldtop, 55 goldtop, 56 goldtop, 57 goldtop, 57 custom, 58 goldtop, 58 custom, 58 burst, 59 burst, 60 burst.


  • Robert

    It was cool meeting Mike in the shop and seeing the 57 goldtop and 58 burst. Both guitars sounded great!

  • Conniegarrick

    I love electric guitars, they play really well. I wish to buy one for myself.