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About Marc Seal:

Where have all the guitar heroes gone? You know the ones: signature sound, mind-blowing style, genius leads, and riffs that were practically songs unto themselves. Virtuoso musician and composer Marc Seal is the new guitar hero, effortlessly closing the chasm between the old guard and new school. Practically born with a guitar in his hands, the Southern California-based axe-slinger has been accurately described as a melodic technician. He is Internationally renowned for his high level of musical accomplishments, fluid style and progressive rock sensibilities. Marc’s latest CD (self-titled) is the perfect example of how his instrument is a direct extension of his soul and is amplified through his heart.

Like his fretwork, Marc Seal himself is seemingly everywhere at once. The GIT graduate is a singular talent, but there are thousands of ambitious guitarists who admire his work and study his technique. A mere fifty of them are lucky enough to take private instruction from him when he’s not on tour for Taylor Guitars Roadshows, but Marc gives others the next best thing as the host of The Ultimate Guitar Show! The Ultimate Guitar Show was created by Marc and airs in California, Louisiana and soon to new markets across the US.  Some of the shows can also be viewed online via The Ultimate Guitar Show has featured a wide variety of guests such as:

Alter Bridge, Jason Mraz, Keith Wyatt (blasters), Mike Keneally (Zappa, Dethklok) and Toby Lightman. The show has been viewed by millions of people worldwide in over 40 countries and is continuing to expand markets!

Marc writes, produces, directs and performs on camera as well as musically scores the popular series. The Forum boasts members from over 40 different countries from across the globe, and a massive 120,000+ posts to date at:

Marc’s adaptability as a musician and sharp proficiency as a producer make him an outstanding composer for film and TV with film credits that include Ski School 2, Panama Red as well as national infomercials scoring and hosting.  His fluid instrumentals even graced the award winning wildlife film Wild Dolphins & Whales of Southern California that took 5 awards at the International Wildlife Film Festival and included the Merit award for “Best Use of Music.”

Most of the night's repertoire is drawn from Johnny's previous studio albums, but this is the first time the ferocious "Jimi Jam" and his artful interpretations of The Beatles "The Night Before" and Chuck Berry's "Memphis" have been recorded on CD. The DVD concludes with a mesmerizing solo rendition of The Left Banke's "Walk Away Renee" that was filmed outdoors against the backdrop of a vibrant New England sunset.

Marc’s guitar prowess is really showcased in his live show! His sell-out performances and glowing reviews from publications such as Music Connection tell the story why Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar fest invited Marc and his band to perform at the guitar event of the decade.

Marc’s proud relationships with Musicians Institute, Taylor Guitars, Rocktron, and Mesa Boogie amplifiers affords these brands television exposure and high international visibility on a weekly basis.

Marc Seal is in-tune and ready to take the lead into 2012.