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About J. Hayes:

Peter Wolf, Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Ltd. Director of Sales and Marketing, recently announced the employment of J. Hayes as PRS Guitars’ Product Support Manager. Hayes joined the PRS team this summer and has since been extensively touring the U.S. and PRS’ exclusive authorized dealer network, as well as attending trade shows worldwide.

“Previous to working for PRS, Hayes held positions at St. Louis Music Inc. for more than 27 years, 12 years as their Product Support Manager and 15 years as part of their product development team. We’re very happy to have someone with his level of experience in the PRS family. J. Hayes is a skilled guitar player, musician and has traveled the world like few others in our industry. His relationships and knowledge are sure to be an invaluable asset to our company, ” said Peter Wolf.

Hayes began playing at the age of eight and pursued his dream through high school and college, studying both contemporary and classical guitar techniques. In 1980 he attended the Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT) in Hollywood, California, where he was influenced by musicians from a variety of styles and backgrounds. Playing both live and studio dates for over two decades, J. has had the chance to play along side of some of the greats in the industry, as well as being involved in commercial and film work for Honda, The Discovery Channel, Anheuser-Busch, ESPN, McDonald's, McDonnell-Douglas, Monsanto, and many other prominent corporations in America. In addition, his album credits as a studio musician number well over a hundred. He recently released a CD project entitled Open Skies featuring his compositions and the Budapest Symphony for the Sonoton label of Germany and also has a new indie CD, Dreaming Out Loud, in the making.

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