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Don Grosh spent his early years working around his father’s shop where he helped his father build sets for Hollywood film productions. That environment is where the vision, expert craftsmanship and attention to detail began to develop. In his father’s shop, Don became a journeyman level carpenter and also became proficient in metal work. Outside of the shop, Don built BMX bikes, worked on motorcycles and started building and working on guitars in his spare time. Don also became a guitarist himself. Realizing he had an innate vision and calling for craftsmanship and for the guitar, he started knocking on shop doors in the burgeoning Southern California guitar-building scene. It wouldn’t take long for his impact to be felt.

In 1985, Don joined Valley Arts, a famous guitar building shop in North Hollywood, California. The shop quickly grew to 35 employees with Don Grosh running the shop as Shop Foreman. Don and that team created guitars for such elite musicians as Larry Carlton, Steve Lukather, Jay Graydon, Lee Sklar, Vince Gill, Lee Ritenour and many others. Don remembers those times fondly, “Working with players of that caliber taught me a ton about dealing with very particular clients!”

After many years of building guitars for others, Don decided it was time to venture out on his own and pursue his vision of what a custom boutique guitar company should be. In 1993, Don started Don Grosh Custom Guitars in the 3-car garage attached to his parent’s house up a canyon in Santa Clarita, California. The vision was clear—to build hand-crafted custom guitars with the best tone, looks and playability available, and to build them from the from the ground up, from original design and concept to full production of the necks and bodies. full bio

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