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Taylor Wildwood CV Series

The Wildwood CV Series is a celebration of the remarkable partnership between Taylor and Wildwood Guitars. This unique partnership has resulted in a very special, limited edition offering of specialized, Adirondack CV-braced models. Adirondack spruce is an all time favorite here at Wildwood. Using this incredible tone wood for bracing adds a bit more elasticity, volume, sparkle, and a push in the midrange that we find incredibly addicting. Taylor's proprietary CV bracing pattern adds a dramatic increase in top movement, producing a fuller, richer and louder tone with greater dynamic range. The result is an instrument of the highest quality, with an unparalleled dynamic range. We're confident that players the world over will instantly fall in love with this match made in heaven.

These exclusive, Limited Edition Wildwood CV guitars are available in a wide variety configurations, each one as unique as the players who will cherish them for years to come. Each and every Wildwood CV instrument features a hand-numbered custom label and includes a certificate of authenticity.