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Taylor guitars have become legendary in our industry for playability, tone, perfection in build, and ground breaking manufacturing techniques. Wildwood Guitars is honored to celebrate the innovation, passion and dedication of Taylor Guitars with an unparalleled selection of what we feel are some of the finest instruments available. Wildwood Guitars is proud to be recognized as an authorized Taylor dealer, with each and every series represented here, in our online web store. The relationship between Wildwood and Taylor Guitars has flourished and thrived thanks to an incredible partnership that has been the catalyst for some of our finest moments. From the Baby Taylor all the way up to the exclusive Wildwood CV models and Limited Runs, every Taylor guitar is painstakingly inspected and approved by our staff, ensuring nothing but the finest experience. We invite you to experience the magic of these incredible instruments and see why players all over the world just can't seem to put their Taylor down!

Taylor Guitars