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Taylor 600 Series

Forget what you think you know about maple.

For 2015, master builder Andy Powers has redesigned the 600 series for a whole new era of maple body instruments. Utilizing an updated bracing, a Torrefied Sitka Spruce top, and protein glues that take resonance to whole new level, the new 600 series is certainly something to marvel at. Piano like clarity, rich midrange and sparkling highs make the new 600 series so much more than a great maple bodied instrument. The looks of the 600 series has changed too, with a beautiful, hand-rubbed staining process, thinner finish, and torrefied maple top, creating a warm, inviting instruments that begs to be played. Whether you've already fallen in love with maple as a tone wood, or you're experiencing it for the very first time, the new 600 series from Taylor is certainly not to be missed. The entire staff here at Wildwood invites you to discover one of Andy's crowing achievements and the next evolution of maple: the new 600 series from Taylor Guitars.